Transition Program

transition-kindergarten at work/play

We believe that every child is able to learn at all times, but being “school ready” can be altogether different. LUMP’s Transition Program gives children time to focus on social, emotional, physical and cognitive milestones. Children, specifically those born between June and September, will become “school ready” as they play and mature in this unique program!  Our mission, in partnership with parents, is to fully prepare children for a lifetime of learning!

A Bridge from Preschool to Elementary

Transition is not kindergarten! It is a bridge to the formal school experience. Children in Transition develop:

  • the confidence to take risks and try.
  • the capacity to develop good relationships with peers and authority figures.
  • the ability to concentrate and persist on challengingtasks.
  • the ability to effectively follow multiple instructions.
  • the ability to effectively communicate emotions, needs and wants to peers and adults.
  • the ability to listen and stay attentive.
  • physical strength and coordination while learning to cross midlines both vertically and horizontally.
  • the foundational skills that will support kindergarten learning.

There are many things to consider when trying to decide if Transition is right for your child. Please call us at 303-238-9082. We are glad to share our experience!