The Joy of Discovery & Wonder: Setting the Stage for Life Long Learning.

LUMP is an authentic preschool experience that fosters how children learn best: through play. Our teachers are fun, flexible, consistent, and are passionately committed to developing a strong foundation for each child’s lifelong success. We provide a collaborative environment that connects families and teachers as partners dedicated to the success of all children.

Our low student/teacher ratios create a rich learning environment and opportunities to develop personal relationships:

Our school features large classrooms, well-utilized space and a healthy materials budget, allowing our teachers to dream big and think outside of the box with their lesson plans.

50 years of play, 50 years of learning: The History of LUMP

Lakewood United Methodist Preschool was started in 1964 as a small parent cooperative sponsored by the church. The philosophy was play-based and parent involvement was essential. Church families were the first to join and then as news of the school spread, the program expanded from 2 classrooms to 4 for three- and four-year-olds. The Preschool quickly developed widespread popularity. LUMP was drawing not just from Lakewood itself but also from Golden, Littleton and Denver.

Through the years, LUMP has remained dedicated to meeting the needs of its’ families. One significant example was the creation of the area’s first Transition Class, a product of parent and staff collaboration. Transition (also known as Transitional Kindergarten) began at LUMP in 1986 to meet the needs of children that were eligible by date of birth to enroll in kindergarten, but not yet ready for the rigors of a traditionally structured academic approach that most schools were offering. To this day, this unique and exceptional program provides families with a gift of time for their child to grow, not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

Evident in the history of its’ presence in the community, in the retention of its’ staff and in the many, many graduates, Lakewood United Methodist Preschool continues to be that special place where children experience the absolute joy of discovery and wonder that sets the stage for life long learning.

“I've been in Early Childhood my whole career. I had many families and co-workers at Jeffco tell me that LUMP was an excellent preschool. It was an easy decision. The staff and parents were all very appropriate with the children, the children seemed very engaged, and the classroom space/materials were amazing. There were so many little details that told me that the classrooms very organized, supportive, and play-based. I know that Miriam will learn so much in your environment. The community seemed welcoming for the families as well.” - Colleen Villeneuve